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Halloween Spirit I Guess

I'm spamming my dA with the crap I do lately so I don't have much to post here now OTL

Because I obviously have a great amount of free time this semester with gazillion of school projects I'm thinking over and over about some comic plots and my last idea is about a witch and a demon. I did a little design off them lately:


and moved that forward by creating a halloween picCollapse )

I may also post some school stuff since that's what my life is all about lately.Collapse )

In between I started watching anime. Anime for kinds about football to be precise. Inazuma 11, lots of young boys playing with balls etc. I really, dunno. I decided to watch it because of great amounts of fanart on pixiv. It got me interested but still... shiny sparkly and what else techniques... But you know, it's quite nice when you feel like dead and totally don't want to think xD


Ikebana Exhibition

I have some exhibitions to write about (so I can remember what I've seen xD ). First goes the Ikebana Exhibition of Taya Shikki artists in Wilanow.


moreCollapse )

Productive With Crap

Today I drew a lot! Though mainly useless stuff xD

Feels Like Winter
by =anikakinka on deviantART
My thoughts about recent weather. Honestly, I need to buy some warmer clothes.

crappy crap + BLCollapse )

My school started today and I'm kinda... enthusiastic about this? Weird, weird and suspicious. But I'm still reading tons of BL. Seems it wasn't temporary. Not good. Whatever.

And my new manga style feels more and more home. It's fun for now, but I wonder when I'll go back to semi-realism or go for something entirely different. I mean, for whole year I was perfecting one style, was so sure that finally this is what I want and BAM, anika goes animu.
I regret nothing. Animu is enjoyable and thanks to that wanna-paint-realistically I finally know what this whole manga style is about OTL

FF XIII paint masterpieces

I'm back from MLECZ club trip. As I expected we played a lot. I finished The World Ends With You, we did some "everybody Pokemon" sessions, and watched how alexistheangel play KH2 and nomikyo playing FF XIII. Which resulted in crack Miki x Riku and Hope tarding. At one point I started drawing fanart. In MS Paint. With Kair's tablet.
Only the gradient is added in photoshop. It made me nostalgic, I was addicted to drawing in paint when I was 7-9.

click on the pic to see fullsize

click on the pic to see fullsize
older!Hope x Light xD

On a different note my disc with my EVERYTHING died. I can't believe how lucky I am that on the same day I've bought external memory so when I realized that something is wrong I was able to start copying my files. So, it's mostly saved. Though I was so nervous in the process ;__;

Obligatory devspam for the end:

Tagawee sketch
by =anikakinka on deviantART
me is going animu

devdump, sketch commissions, B2 convention

Noches de Luna Roja characters
by =anikakinka on deviantART
Compilation of commissions for Laura. I started doing them in March I think. Some of them were published here before.

This one is the newest

Summer Poppy female
by =anikakinka on deviantART
fashion design

Heizel's faces
by =anikakinka on deviantART
some sketches of my character

White Chocolate
by =anikakinka on deviantART
White Chocolate done as a sample for sketch commissions (9$). Info here

My summer lifestyle hasn't upgraded. I've bough so super uber cute light blue DS and I'm playing ...pokemon. But in Japanese so I practice hiragana. Reading without kanji is hard. Everywhere I hear that kanji is the most difficult thing but to me it's a super shortcut for understanding text >___>

I also got my blue wig on Friday so I could make my full "cosplay" on the convention! I wasn't cosplaying any character in particular, just dressing different than usual lol. And there were actually a lot of people who didn't recognize me.
blue blue blue
(I'm thinking about changing my lj's layout for something.... blue/turquoise)

As for the con itself... It sucked. Panel room was erm... moving, so it was hard to find it, toilets did have toilet paper but were most of the time.... out of order, and I think there's some crisis in button sales this year. Time to change the fashion and go for selling something else xD (I wonder how BL comics would sell lol )

But on Saturday I went with saharaam, Usada, Zuzu and niezla_babeczka to the cinema to see "The Expendables" (knp01 was with us but decided to see "Iception" insted of this amazing movie). Funny movie. Romatic comedy with heavy slash hints played by ugly old men 8D Everything you need to get into a better mood after a sucky con day. Afterwards we got hyper and acted really retarded, like making races on Sah's staircase.

Tomorrow I'm going for our club trip and I think I'll draw a lot, and play DS a lot and have fun! I hope it won't be raining most of the time.

And when I get back it's time to work! More or less. I've got traineeships so no more waking up at noon.


I have a lot to post to the point I have no idea with what I should start OTL

So for now I'll just import some stuff from dA

Report about the last trip I've talked about in my last post link

Thief Princess lineart
by =anikakinka on deviantART
Picture I'm in the middle of coloring. And kinda stuck. So far it looks like this:


by =anikakinka on deviantART
And fashion design. I've realized the last one I did was in November 2009, felt nostalgic and did one again. And yes, I also was a lazy ass and wanted to draw something simple >__>

As for my life lately... Reading BL mangas till 4am, trying to get into Gintama, occasionally drinking wine and waking up at noon, this means after my most productive hours... So basically I laze around doing nothing much and enjoying holidays xD;;;;

And my schoolmates are working. I feel bad sometimes.


Fourth character picture for Laura.

Today Usada and o0lancha0o are coming and tomorrow we're going to Balcon convention : D

After the con we'll be staying at saharaam so I'll away for some time, but how long, I have no idea xD


Todays is one of those.

1. I bought green clothes.
For those who don't know me IRL, I don't wear green. Actually I don't wear anything except black and red, occasionally white and pink.

2. I played a computer game.
I don't play games. I only look at concept art and know the music god knows from where.
Though I got bored after an hour, I honestly have no idea, how people manage to stand all those tutoring beginnings. I know what they are for, get used to keys etc, but I just go for movies, comics and books where I don't have to learn how to freaking walk.

3. And I drew this:
Moe practice, seriously. And I think I even didn't fail much with one! (the colored one)

So, yes, I call this a day for doing unusual stuff.
I blame it on the weather.


Kanua Finished

len_yan's newest pictures kicked my ambition and I've spent more time on this than I think I would usually xD

Kanua the fire boss hiding in the sands of a desert with her harem of black eyed fire demons : B

Also, drawing fire when the temperate in my room is as high as it is wasn't the best idea. But I used our black Vanilla Yoghurt convention table cloth as curtains so my room is oh so dhark and gothic and no sun can win against me!

picture detailsCollapse )

Back from Paris

I'm back from JE and sightseeing Asian parts of Paris! Thanks to the artbooks I've bought now I'm totally inspired for some art. And I have changed my idea for the character designs. I'll use my OCs and their world to create something game art like. I'm also wondering how many times I'll change that idea.

Drawn in our hotel room while I was waiting for anitakloss and saharaam to wake up xD

Kanua's back to showing more body.

coloring wipCollapse )