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I'm afraid I have moved.

In the end... sad truth...

So, if you're interested in my stuff:

Please visit my tumblr.

I know you may not be a fan of tumblr but the only thing I'm spamming with are my pictures and I rarely post anything else. If you don't have a tumblr account you can always add me on RSS. There are plenty of RSS add-ons for browsers and with this you can follow many many interesting art blogs set on various servers! (I use feedly 'cause I can access to it from many devices).

I wanted to post more about my life here, but seems there's no need since my life's not that fabulous and if I really need to share my thoughts I do it on twitter or talk to friends.

I also have this thought that I mainly complained about my lack of time here OTL

So, back to the main point, I'll be using this account only for communities, so if you'd like to see my current up to date art blog follow the link above.


Maybe I should leave a note here that I've got myself a tumblr account and I'm using it now for posting my crap? Though I don't think I'll leave my precious lj because of that, only I'll post less frequently and with more pictures (not that these past months I was really active, but I blame school, not my other websites). And still, I feel more comfortable with going blah blah blah here.


more (mecha random, design, Gokudera) + some blahCollapse )



[Ao no Exorcist] Rin and Kuro from 18th chapter. This was so cute.

I love that manga and I love Kazue Kato's style and I want 6th volume now. But I have to wait till August when I... when I... will go to Japaaaan! : D

...and buy way more than I would be able to carry back.

My brain is no longer functioning.

Imagine this:
I was doing post-production to a movie I did with schoolmates, adjusting music to scenes etc. I got quite into it when a though came to my mind:


...wait a sec, I am doing my schoolwork now.

I blame it on the cold I've got some days ago and haven't cured properly.

Yes, I'll call psychiatrist if this continues.


Standing on my neighbors' balcony

because they have better view.

I was doing photos all day today. The only ones I liked were those:

moreCollapse )

School projects. Do not like.


Happy New Year!

Last days of my Christmas holidays I've spent with Usada. Everyday except New Year eve we tried to go to bed early but we ended up with complaining about boys, reading "Switch Girl" manga or Reborn! novels. It was really tiresome but very fun <3

And now it's so hard to switch to school mode again, especially when I did almost nothing on the break and now I need to speed up a lot =____=

But before I die, some pictures:
Gay Gardener

Gardener's headshot & commission finishedCollapse )


Sketch dump

Mae and Nick (Demon's Lexicon)

2 x Inazuma, 1 x Hibari, 2 x WIPCollapse )

Chocolate Ident

I want February. And I don't want Christmas. But I do want New Year Eve.

My first animation project that I actually like. Maybe because it has something to do with chocolate.
Still, I'm such an animation n00b.

Blah blah blah

My cat is all pretty and everything, but I think it's high time to post something new.

Starting with my life I had a macabre laundry two days ago. I wanted to do everything fast and energetic (and go faster to slumber on pretty red sofa) but when I was picking out washing powder my head was stopped by a door frame. I cursed heavily seeing myself with a headache for the rest of the evening, raised my head and saw something quite disturbing in the mirror. My face. All in blood. And it wasn't stopping.

So now I have stitches in my head and scare friends by brushing aside my hair (no holes visible if I keep my hair the usual way) and also get a deja vu feeling on History of Movies when we are shown parts of movies with people covered in blood xD

So I say, doing laundry is dangerous, it should be forbidden.

I've got a pretty get well gift from Megan!

Now onto some fantarding. I mentioned earlier that I watch kids anime now. I got quite into it... I mean, seriously, it has so many amazing characters it's so hard to choose your favorite >___< And I even did some fanart! : D Nothing amazing though, 'cause I still need to find myself in the world of fanart.

Kazemaru! I like his turquoise hair. And "turquoise" is a key word here.

more Kazemaru and HirotoCollapse )
My cat =^__^=

Also, I've changed my website layout: